Why is Sales Tax important?

Why is “Sales Tax” important to Jones? Because it is the primary source of revenue for the General Fund. Oklahoma is the only state in the Union where municipalities receive absolutely NO property/ad volrem taxes. In Oklahoma County these taxes go to the county, schools, and libraries. Jones, as well as every other municipality in … Continue reading Why is Sales Tax important?


Jones Sales Tax Data- March 2019

Jones sales tax for March 2019 was down 7% compared to the same month in the previous year. Sales tax is collected when any purchases for goods are made within the official city limits of Jones. i.e. Any time you purchase a burger at Shuff's or buy coffee at Johnny Pat's, you are paying sales … Continue reading Jones Sales Tax Data- March 2019

Frosted Artisan Bakery Opens in Downtown Jones

Frosted Artisan Bakery Opens in Downtown Jones A new bakery has opened up in town, and residents are eating it up. If you haven’t tried the sweet treats at Sarah Aka’s new shop, Frosted, you are missing out. From specialty order cakes for your next celebration to daily lunch specials, Frosted features a beautiful display … Continue reading Frosted Artisan Bakery Opens in Downtown Jones

Welcome to The Jones Journal

Welcome to The Jones Journal!  This blog is your source for online news for the town of Jones, Oklahoma.  We will feature stories and highlights from the community and keep you posted on upcoming events.  We hope you enjoy our articles. Please consider supporting us through a $10 monthly contribution by subscribing below. Thank you … Continue reading Welcome to The Jones Journal