Jones Trustee Election Has 9 Candidates

The Jones Board of Trustee election is just a week away, with polls opening on Tuesday, April 2. There are nine candidates running for three open spots. Three of these candidates are running for re-election, Michael Calvert, Tyler McElhaney, and Ray Poland. Six new candidates have thrown their name in the ring, including Tim Cook, Mark Hill, Kacie Jasper, Josh Kerr, Frank Koehler, and Brad McMichael. There is one candidate for City Clerk, the incumbent Tammy Wallace.

Jones is different from several of the surrounding municipalities, which base their controlling body on districts or wards. In Jones, Trustees are elected “at large.” On the ballot next week, voters may select up to three candidates, but are not required to choose three. The three people receiving the most votes will win.

There are currently 1,389 active voters registered with the Oklahoma County Election Board in Jones city limits; however, only 193 (14%) voted in the last municipal election (Jones Trustee Election for McElhaney & Combs on April 4, 2017). With low voter turnouts for municipal elections, next week’s election could be won by only a few votes.

Keep following The Jones Journal for more election updates. We are featuring a story later this week with candidate bio’s for all nine of the Trustee hopefuls.


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