Jones Trustee Candidates 2019

There are nine candidates running for three open positions for the office of Trustee in Jones, OK. The election is on Tuesday, April 2, 2019. The Jones Journal sent a brief survey to each candidate, and their responses are listed below.


  • 26
  • Jones Board of Trustees
  • Jones Little League
  • Jones Schools

Everything! I know that sounds like a blanket answer, but it is the truth. I love the small town feel, but at the same time I love the way that it is growing.

My family. They are the most important thing to me. I want to be able to give them a town to be proud of one day. A place they can call home when they settle down with their kids. I want to be a part of the town’s growth. I want to see it grow in the right ways.


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  • Jones Masonic Lodge
  • Jones Kiwanis
  • Jones Parent Band Club

Friendly, caring community.

To help where I can! My only agenda for wanting to be a Trustee for this great town is to listen to the community and assist in any way I can to help our town continue to grow and flourish. I would like to see more activities for our youth like tennis courts, volleyball courts, racquetball courts to accompany our new basketball courts at the city park.


  • 48
  • Knights Templar International – Life Member
  • Lenape Foundation – Chief Officer
  • National Weather Service SKYWARN Program – Certified Storm Spotter
  • Indian Nation Volunteer Fire and Emergency Management – Fire Chaplain, Safety and Training Officer, Emergency Manager
  • Iowa Tribe Volunteer Fire Department – Firefighter and Emergency Operations Center Coordinator
  • U.S. Department of Justice COPS Tribal Grant Program – Peer Reviewer Severe Studios – Extreme Storm Chaser

Small Town friendly atmosphere, family oriented and quiet living.

Protect the citizens by bringing my training and experience in Town, City, County, State, Tribal and Federal government operations to Town leadership, that will assist the decisions made for the direction the Town needs to make. Provide advise to keep the Town in line with existing and future State Laws to prevent costly law suits. Locate and obtain funding to insure adequate staffing levels and technology for First Responders. Specifically, paid firefighter/EMT positions and additional Law Enforcement so there is adequate staffing available to protect the citizens of Jones. Insure Jones First Responders have quality technology, specifically, two way radio communication equipment and dispatch services.


  • 23
  • Jones Ag. Parents Club Treasurer
  • 4-H and FFA Volunteer
  • Past JES PTO Secretary and President

I still believe my parents moving to Jones when I was 13 years old was one of the best decisions they ever made. It changed the trajectory of my life in many ways. It was here in Jones that I was welcomed, loved and valued. It was here in Jones that the teachers fostered my love of learning and gave me the skills and tools I needed to succeed. It was here in Jones that my relationships with other people led me to my relationship with Jesus Christ. The relationships I’ve built with people in Jones are what make this town great. It’s the people that make up this town that I love.

Running for office was not a decision that I took lightly. I know the position of trustee will require dedication and sacrifice in order to serve the community well. I am running for office because I want to share with others all that I have been given. I want to help draw out the best in people and unite them around common goals and vision.


  • 30

You can always find me at a town sporting event. I love me some High school football.

The quiet country living. You can’t beat it, and the friendly atmosphere.

I love this town. My dad was a police officer for this town for many years, and his love for it grew on me. I just want to continue to make it better.


  • 20

No response provided.

The small community.

Unsatisfied with previous developments, decisions and disclosed informations.


  • 22

I have been involved with the Jones Splash Pad fundraising, the Food Truck Events at the park, and have served on the Board of Trustees for the past 2 years.

I have always appreciated the tight-knit community Jones offers. We may not always agree on everything, but in the event one of us is down, they know the community will do what is needed for them.

I am running for office because I feel I can bring value and knowledge to the board through my logical thinking and business mindedness. I also have a passion to help keep Jones a desirable place to live and raise a family.


  • 39

No response provided.

The small town. I was raised there.

We need change.


  • 44
  • Jones High School
    • Student Council Vice President 1976/1977
    • Student Council Pres. 1977/1978
  • Jones Kiwanis Club, 1998 to Present
    • Past Pres. 3x
    • Past Secretary
    • Past Lt. Gov of Texas/Oklahoma District, Div. 40, 2003/2004
    • Class Pres. Outstanding Lt. Gov. Award
    • Past Lt. Gov. Association’s
    • Most Valuable Lt. Gov.
    • T/O Dist. Chairman Youth Services/Key Leader, 2004/2007
    • T/O Dist. Administrator Service Leadership Programs, 2007/2008
    • T/O Dist. Pres. Past Lt. Gov Association, 2009/2010
    • T/O Dist. Chairman Long Range Planning, 2009/2010
  • Jones Masonic Lodge #537
    • Past Master 2016
  • “Primary 9” Okla. County Jail Trust Authority Committee, 2002/2003 (appointed by County Commissioner Beverly Hodges)
  • Jones Trustee 2004/2005, 2006 to Present
    • Jones Mayor 2009 to present
  • Accociation of Central Oklahoma Governments, 2009 to Present
    • Board Member
    • 9-1-1 Technical Committee Board Member
    • Intermodal Transportation Technical Committee Garber/Wellington Policy Committee Chairman 2011/2012
  • Oklahoma Municipal League, 2009 to Present
    • Board Member, 2018 to Present
    • Mayor’s Council of Oklahoma, Board Member 2009 to Present
    • President, 2019 to ?
  • Eastern Oklahoma County Partnership, 2011 to Present
    • Vice Chariman, 2011-2016
    • Chairman, 2016/2017, 2018/2019

Small town life! People!

To serve the community I love! To keep Jones a small town by controlling growth, responsibly! Jones is a GREAT place to live and raise a family, I want it to stay that way, but understand that what makes Jones great, is the reason others want to come here. We must responsibly plan for the future, not just today!

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