High Voter Turnout at Jones Municipal Election

Over 250 voters cast a ballot for Tuesday’s election in Jones, OK, with a total of 749 votes cast. Each voter had the option to select up to three candidates to fill the Board of Trustees. While the final detail of voter participation will not be available from the Oklahoma County Election Board for another few weeks, these early estimates show an increase of 29% over the previous municipal election on April 4, 2017.

The winners for this election are as follows:

City Clerk

  • Tammy Wallace

Town Trustee

  • Kacie Jasper (187 votes)
  • Ray Poland (130 votes)
  • Tyler McElhaney (121 votes)

Ray Poland and Tyler McElhaney were both re-elected to their positions on the Board of Trustees. Newcomer Kacie Jasper took an overwhelming lead, capturing 25% of the votes. She will replace Michael Calvert on the Board starting in May 2019.

I’m extremely grateful and humbled. I am excited about the future of Jones and look forward to working alongside the other Trustees to make a positive impact in our community!

Kacie Jasper

I thank the citizens of Jones for putting their trust in me yet again!! I am truly honored to hold this position and will continue to help Jones be a great place to live.

Tyler McElhaney

I am extremely enthused to see so many people voted! This may be a record turnout for our local election. I am truly humbled by the support of the Jones citizens and will strive to maintain their trust!

Ray Poland

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