Community Spotlight – Sue Humphrey

If you’ve eaten at Shuff’s or the Old Malt Shop in town, chances are you were served by Sue Humphrey. Sue has been greeting customers and serving a smile along with your meal for the last 27 years. She has a knack for names, faces, and remembering everybody’s usual.

Following in her mom’s footsteps, Sue has continued serving some of the same customers her mom did over 30 years ago. She was born and raised in Jones, and moved out in the 8th grade. She’s been driving back to town ever since.

When asked what she loves most about this town, her response was instant. “My kids.” If you’ve ever had the privilege to sit at one of her tables, she considers you family. One of the many things we love about her! 😍

4 thoughts on “Community Spotlight – Sue Humphrey

  1. Love Sue. During my dads last few years on this earth Sue was always a cherished part of his day and a sweet memory when he was no longer able to go to Shuffs. Truly one special lady.

  2. Sue is the best. Was my privilege and honor to work with her when I did. I should come see u soon. Luv u and miss u…u are the best and deserve all the spotlight on u more than today but every day. Hey remember the snake out back…tongs and bleach that’ll stop it NOT HAHA

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