Special Olympics Send-off Receives Much Fanfare

Four Jones athletes will compete in the Special Olympics in Stillwater, OK this week. High School students gathered in the Commons this morning to wish the competitors good luck in their efforts. Coach Quinn rallied the heard as the band played the fight song in the front portico. Athletes marched out in procession with much fanfare to their police escort waiting outside. Jones Police Officers Robbie Blackford and Don Dunsmore escorted the crew through town, and Officer Blackford led the athletes all the way to Stillwater, where the competition will take place.

Main Street in Jones was lined with City vehicles, lights gleaming, as the athletes passed. Pedestrians stood next to their cars cheering the champions on to their competition. The players smiled and waved with excitement as they drove by the crowds.

The students from Jones will be competing in the Turbo Jab and 50-Meter Dash. The teams coach, Mrs. Davis, has been working hard to prepare her athletes. Sophia Evans, freshman, says she is ready for the Turbo Jab competition later today. Her mom, Cecilia Evans, says her daughter is excited about competing this year.

Best of luck to all our athletes! We are proud to have each of you representing our schools and community in the competitions this week.


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