Community Spotlight – May 2019 (Part II)

Our May 2019 Community Spotlight is a double-feature. Part 1 honors the 31 year legacy of Mrs. Cindy Harrison, Jones Elementary Principal. Part II introduces you to Mrs. Brooke Guthery, the incoming principal of Jones Elementary.

While she may be new to the Jones Public School system, Mrs. Guthery is no stranger to the Jones community. Growing up, she was known around town as Coach Bilyeu’s niece. Her mom, Teresa Brian Williams, was a 1976 graduate of Jones High School, and grandparents, Bill and Hellen Brian still live in town. Mrs. Guthery often played softball, attended family functions, and even took drivers education in Jones. While she never lived in Jones as a child, she and her husband, Heath Guthery (1997 graduate of Jones High School) moved back “home” to Jones in 2014.

She was a graduate of Midwest City High School, and went on to get her bachelors degree in elementary education. She started teaching right out of college, but knew early on that education administration would be her life-long pursuit. After the encouragement of her mentor, Johnny Thompson, she went back to school to obtain her masters degree in education administration.

Mrs. Guthery is bringing her reputation as one of the finest administrators in the Mid-Del school district to Jones. Our school system, just like our community, is growing every day. Mrs. Guthery is exactly who we need to foster that growth and help us realize our potential as one of the best school districts in the state. -Dr. Carl Johnson, Jones Superintendent

She has been in education for 17 years, and a principal for the last 7 years years. She interviewed for the assistant principal position in Jones 4 years ago, right after giving birth to her son Knox. Even though she was offered the position, she inevitably turned it down, knowing that it was not the right season of life for her to make such a big change.

Now, four years later, with son Ace turning 9 soon, and youngest son Knox turning four, the time is right for change. Both boys will be enrolling in the Jones Public Schools next year, and Knox will be attending the new full-day pre-K program.

“In a small community, you get to see the kids grow up before your eyes.”

Mrs. Guthery is excited for the future of Jones, and grateful to be in a position where she will see the long-term impact of the early years of education. In larger school districts, there are often multiple elementary schools that feed in to much bigger high schools. Elementary teachers in those districts don’t often get to see where their students end up.

Her mission statement for life is “Give them roots, and give them wings.”


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