October 8, 2019 Jones Public Schools Bond Election

During the Monday night board meeting, the Jones Board of Education passed a resolution calling for a bond election on October 8, 2019. This bond issue will not raise or create new taxes. One of the projects included in this issue is the construction of a new Early Childcare Center that will be located on the north end of the current elementary. Other improvements to the campus include significant changes to the traffic flow around the school by constructing an east end loop. This will help relieve most of the congestion associated with pick-up and drop-off. This Early Childcare Center will be home to the Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First grade classes. It will include dining, P.E., and safe room spaces, and it will also have an area with a small stage and plenty of space for student performances and assemblies.

“This bond issue will not raise or create new taxes.”

Each grade level will have five classrooms and a commons area for extended instructional activities. These “neighborhoods” are designed to maximize efficiency and reduce time spent outside of learning. Each classroom will have its own restrooms and wash areas. This alone will eliminate several hours a week waiting in line in the hallway as the class uses the facilities. Each classroom will have a small library, and each neighborhood will have access to music, art, and special needs areas. Having these resources close to the student means the student will spend more time with the teacher and other classmates engaged in learning. Everything in this Early Childcare Center is designed to promote age appropriate learning opportunities that will give our youngest Longhorns a foundation that is second to none.

There are other projects planned with this bond issue. They include replacing most of the HVAC units at the elementary and the older units at the middle school, and improvements at the football stadium including lighting, seating, and field turf. The financial structure is very similar to what we used for the new high school in 2008. There is a lot to understand about this opportunity, so I will be sharing more information over the next several weeks. I will provide more details on each aspect with each new installment. During this time, I would also welcome opportunities to visit with any community group that would invite me. I’ll also just sit down and have coffee with a small group of neighbors that are interested in hearing more. You can find my contact information at www.Jones.k12.ok.us or call the main office: 399-9215.

Thank you for your interest,

Carl Johnson, Ph.D.


Jones Public Schools


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