More Information on the October 8 Bond Election

This post is the latest in a series about the October 8 Bond Election.

On October 8, everyone living in the Jones school district will have the opportunity to vote on a bond issue that, if approved, will give us a new Early Childcare Center, replace the air conditioning units at the current elementary school, and make improvements at the football stadium. This project is about the future, but it is also the next phase of a Jones we envisioned 10 years ago. 

As we consider this new project, it’s important to remember the path that brought us to this opportunity. When the old high school building burned in December 2007, we lost a solid, well-maintained, and dependable building. All of us have wonderful memories from that building. However, it met only the minimum standards for a modern high school. The community saw an opportunity in the tragedy of that winter. You trusted us and passed that large bond issue, and we now realize the fruits of that trust everyday. Our community had a vision then of what Jones could be, and we have the opportunity now to continue working toward that goal. 

The bond issue that was approved in April 2008 soon be fully funded. With issuance of a similar new bond, we can continue the progress without levying new taxes. If approved on October 8 this year, there will be NO NEW TAXES associated with this bond issue. Alternatively, letting the 2008 issue lapse and then trying to pass a bond issue later would be an incredibly difficult task as it would then increase taxes significantly. It is easy to assume that the momentum we have would be lost.  Everyone living within the school district boundaries (area shaded in pink here), whether you have children enrolled or not, is eligible to vote.

LWPB, the architects that designed the new high school, were selected to design the Early Childcare Center. They have had several meetings and spent hours on site working alongside members of the community and district leaders to create the early concept.  Their team is another thread from that successful project 10 years ago.

In my next post, I’ll provide more details on the improvements at the football stadium.


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