Jones Police Department Adds Motorcycles to the Fleet

Early last week, three motorcycles were delivered to the Jones Police Department. The bikes are proudly displayed in front of City Hall. The units were purchased from another department in Roseville, California and delivered on Tuesday, August 6th.

The vehicles are Kawasaki Concours 14’s, which are designed specifically for police department use. The units cost $5,000 each and came fully equipped with lights, sirens, heated seats and grips for cold weather operations, and rifle racks for officers to store their AR15’s. The only thing the department had to order was new radios to ensure compatibility with their current system.

Patrolman Eric Gregus and Reserve Officer Amy Staton display the new motorcycles for the Jones Police Department.

Police Chief Robert Williams says there are three officers who are certified as police motorcycle operators, including himself. He has three other officers that will be certified in the next year to operate the vehicles. The chief is a certified instructor for police motorcycles, so all of the training will be done in-house. This will save the city approximately $1,500 per officer, instead of sending them to a private training school.

The motorcycles will be used primarily during daytime hours, for the safety of the officers. The department plans to use them for traffic enforcement to respond to residential complaints, school zone safety, and special events.


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