Community Spotlight: Blue and Gold Sausage Celebrates 50 Years

From humble beginnings as a high school ag education teacher, Don Ramsey and his family have grown a small idea into into one of the most distinguished and delicious fundraisers in the region. Mr. Ramsey spent 20 years of his early career as an ag education teacher, 16 of those years in Jones, OK. Like most school programs, the need to raise funds became essential. As Mr. Ramsey likes to say, “Necessity is the mother of all invention.” During the 1960’s, Mr. Ramsey put his students to work, applying their classroom knowledge first-hand in their fundraising efforts. Students began raising litters of pigs for their show projects. Once the show season ended, they would send the swine to a local plant to be processed into sausage. The students would then take their locally sourced sausage and sell it door to door in the community, raising money for their FFA club and show projects.

It wasn’t until the early 1970’s that this model morphed into a business plan. Other FFA chapters in the area saw what a successful fundraiser this was and wanted to get on board. Mr. Ramsey left his 20-year teaching career, cashed in his retirement, and purchased a bunch of used, beat-up equipment. He had absolutely no prior experience in the meat processing industry, but his love for learning soon took over as he jumped in head-first into this new endeavor. Giving a nod to his strong FFA ties, he named the company Blue and Gold after the organizations colors of National Blue and Corn Gold. He also wanted to keep his roots in supporting student fundraising efforts, so his products are still exclusively sold through student and community organizations.

Now Blue and Gold Sausage is one of the most easily recognizable fundraising products, supporting students across the region in a variety of clubs and organizations. Over the last 50 years, the company has grown temendously. The company started in a 1200 square foot facility. They’ve had four major expansions, the last of which was in 2013, bringing their facility to over 27,000 square feet. The company employs almost 50 people throughout the year, including office staff, production line employees, and drivers.

This weekend, Blue and Gold Sausage is opening their doors to the community to celebrate this 50-year milestone. They are inviting all of their customers to come to their facility located at 10101 N. Hiwassee in Jones, OK on Saturday, August 31st from 10 am – 4 pm. They will have bounce houses, food trucks, face painting, a petting zoo, and tours of the facility. Of course, they will also have some tasty products on sale, including their world-famous sausage, bacon, chicken fritters, and even some B&G apparel.

During the celebration, they will be recognizing one vendor and 10 FFA chapters for sticking with them all 50 years.

  • Jones FFA
  • Bethel FFA
  • Dale FFA
  • Edmond FFA
  • McLoud FFA
  • Newcastle FFA
  • Noble FFANorman FFA
  • Washington FFA
  • Wellston FFA
  • Wynnewood FFA
  • Yukon FFA

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