Longhorns Take Victory Against Kellyville Ponies:69-13

Written by Taylor Shaw, JHS Journalism Senior

The Jones Longhorns take the victory against the Kellyville Ponies in the district games, moving them to 3-0. The Longhorns went unphased as the final score of 69-13 remained on the scoreboard at the end of the game.

The Longhorns warmed up and practiced new and renovated plays before the game. Current injured players stood on the side lines and encouraged their teammates, telling them to look past the cold weather and keep their eyes on the main goal of being undefeated within the district games. A few players commented that “We’re all playing for our injured players, making sure we make them proud as they heal and cheer us on during the games.”

We’re all playing for our injured players, making sure we make them proud as they heal and cheer us on during the games.

Within the first few minutes of the game, Kellyville scored a touchdown, only making the Longhorns more determined to push harder and play more efficiently. After Kellyville’s first touchdown, the Longhorns showed out for the fans, scoring touchdown after touchdown. 

Junior Wide Receiver, Elijah Reed, scored the first touchdown of the night. Later in the game, Junior Treyton Dorrell, intercepts a Kellyville pass, gaining 36 yards. With the ball in the Longhorns hands, QB Carson May throws a 43 yard pass which was completed by Elijah Reed leading in a touchdown. By the end of the first quarter, the Longhorns had the score at 21-6.

Jones starts the second quarter off with Junior linebacker Casey Tidwell recovering a fumble on Kellyville’s 40-yard line, allowing Elijah Reed to make a 35 yard rushing touchdown. Another one of the many touchdowns that were made within the second quarter was completed by Junior running back Korbin Cox, with a 38 yard rushing touchdown. The Longhorns ended the first half with a score of 55-6. 

Kellyville kicks off to Jones and Senior Daniel Jackson gets the fans excited again just a few minutes after halftime by running a 50 yard rushing touchdown.  Kellyville scores their second and final touchdown with a rushing touchdown. The student section began chanting “4 is ours” as the score of 62-13 beamed from the scoreboard. 

Fourth quarter begins, and Sophomore kicker Xavier Zackery scores the Longhorns final points with a 3-yard rushing touchdown. With only two minutes left in the game, Kellyville has the ball on their 43-yard line. With the new and renovated plays, doubling positions for some player’s, and the cold weather, the Longhorns prove once again that their strength as a team and determination to win state still holds strong. The final score remained on the scoreboard as the players shook hands with the opposing team, 69-13.

The Longhorns have the chance to keep their winning streak going when they play next Thursday, October 17th, at the home field of the Holdenville Wolverines.


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