Community Spotlight: Ancelmo (Sam) Bauer

Written by Mr. Curtis Moses, Jones High School Counselor

Jones High School Administration, Faculty and Staff would like to congratulate Ancelmo (Sam) Bauer.  Sam was awarded the National Award Scholarship to the University of Oklahoma. This award is in essence a “full-ride” scholarship to OU.  Sam will receive a full tuition waiver for up to four years, a cash stipend of $9,000 per year for books, fees, room and board, a technology stipend of $1,000, and a $1,000 study abroad stipend.  The total value of this award is $48,150.

This is a major accomplishment, but an even greater accomplishment when you learn a little more about Sam.  Sam has faced adversity since a very young age. At the age of five Sam was taken into the home of his guardians, Andy and Catherine Gottlieb.  The Gottliebs cared for and loved Sam for the next eleven years. In July 2019, Catherine Gottlieb passed away. In October of 2019 Sam’s father, Andy learned he had terminal brain cancer.  At that point, Sam took it upon himself to become his father’s care taker, family bill payer, etc., Sam demonstrates the epitome of perseverance. Throughout the seven-month period of his father’s multiple hospitalizations, and multiple setbacks, Sam powered on. 

Education is very important to Sam.  Despite every obstacle Sam came to school, even if it meant walking in the snow and rain over one mile.  He walked because he needed to conserve gas so that he could afford to visit his father in the hospital every day.  In addition, Sam made a conscious choice to take the most rigorous coursework offered at Jones High School. With this rigorous coursework, Sam has maintained a 4.17 GPA and scored a 30 on ACT. 

Sam will tell you that it hasn’t been easy.  He will tell you that it took time to decide that the world was not against him, but ultimately, he will tell you that he persevered to honor the memory of his parents.   

Sam has indicated that he ultimately plans to go to Medical School to become an Oncologist.  With my knowledge of this young man, it would not surprise me to see future articles about him developing a new cutting-edge treatment or even finding a cure for cancer!


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