Thirteen Year Teammates: From Kinder Cuties to Senior Stars

It has been an exciting ride for Longhorn basketball this year. Both high school varsity teams have entered the Area tournament this weekend, with guys playing Thursday night in Chickasha and girls playing Friday evening.

From Left to Right, Caley Young, Trinity Salazar, Miguel O’Campo, Corbin Talley, Alex Farmer, and Courtney Vaughn.

What many don’t realize is the longevity these players have had in this sport. Two guys and four girls have been teammates not only throughout their high school careers, but also dating back to Kindergarten. This type of commitment and loyalty to their sport, and quite frankly, to each other, makes for a fun final season for these six seniors.

Senior Guys Miguel O’Campo and Corbin Talley.

Miguel O’Campo (#22) and Corbin Talley (#24) started their basketball careers playing for the J-Town Allstars.  With their height difference more than a foot apart, the reality is these two couldn’t be closer.  They have been friends through the highs and lows of the last 13 years, including an undefeated championship year in 5th grade.  As they describe their relationship, both on and off the court, they are more like brothers than classmates. 

The trust built between the two of them is almost indescribable.  Miguel says of his teammate, “When he makes a mistake on the court, I know the look on his face.  He’s fixin’ to do something.  He’s about to make up for it.”  Corbin echoes this sentiment for his friend, saying they can almost read each other and anticipate what the other is about to do before it ever happens. 

When he makes a mistake on the court, I know the look on his face.  He’s fixin’ to do something.  He’s about to make up for it.

Miguel O’Campo

After high school, the duo will be divided as Miguel pursues a business degree at Rose State, and Corbin is looking forward to studying business and playing baseball at Butler Community College in Kansas.  The emotions going into Thursday nights game is bitter-sweet, as these two know their time together on the same team is quickly closing.

Senior girls Trinity Salazar, Caley Young, Alex Farmer, and Courtney Vaughn.

On the Girls team, four players have been together since Kindergarten: Alex Farmer (#20), Caley Young (#42), Trinity Salazar (#33), and Courtney Vaughn (#12).  Their kindergarten year, the girls were split into two Jones teams, with Alex and Caley playing for the Stars and Trinity and Courtney for the Lady Horns. However, every year after that, the quartet has played on the same team.  Much like the boys, these girls claim to be more of sisters than teammates.  The girls had a rough start in their basketball careers, recalling the first three years of playing that none of them scored with Alex boasting their first basket.  This season, the foursome united to put 25 points on the scoreboard in their game against Marshall, and lead scorer Caley hitting her 1,000 point milestone this season.  Their years of persistence and dedication to this sport have apparently paid off, and their unity is obvious when they hit the court. 

A lot of teams don’t experience what its like to grow up with everyone that you are graduating with or playing ball, so it means more to all of us.

Alex Farmer

The girls have great memories together, from fire alarm mishaps at camp and to embarrassing antics during practice. They have walked through thick and thin together, including a broken tibia for Trinity their sophomore year and a torn ACL for Alex their junior year. They know how to encourage one another too, knowing what to say to each individual to get the best results.

Everybody plays a different kind of role. For example, Trinity is usually the voice saying “Suck it up, and quit being a baby.” You have to know your teammates. There are some people who can’t take criticism from Trinity or Alex, and they need someone to say, “Your good.”

Caley Young

After high school, Caley is planning to study business and play basketball at UCO, while Alex, Trinity, and Courtney are looking at Rose State College to study their respective majors: marine biology, dentistry, and psychology/nursing.

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