8th Grade Student Wins Statewide Essay Contest

What started out as a normal class assignment, turned into outstanding accolades for one Jones 8th grader. Nate Veirs, a student in Mrs. Tyra’s English class, was given an assignment along with the rest of his class to write an essay for an Oklahoma Municipal League contest. The essay prompt was short and simple: “If I were mayor, I would.” Students were challenged to consider how to make their town a better place to live, and cite ways to implement these changes from the presumed role as Mayor of their community. Mrs. Tyra proofed her students essays for spelling and grammar, and submitted all of them to OML before the start of Christmas break. Nate was confident after completing his essay that he was sure to win.

Nate Veirs found out in February that he won 3rd place in this essay contest, boasting a $100 cash prize and a special trip to the State Capitol in Oklahoma City on February 7th. After discussing Nate’s essay with him, it’s easy to see why he was a top winner. Referencing issues like abandoned buildings and limited financial resources for schools, Nate suggests creating a downtown TIF district and a local foundation for education. You can read his entire submission here.

Nate is a first year Jones Longhorn, transferring from Edmond over the summer. Nate likes to watch a lot of news with his dad, and plays sports with his twin brother Chris. He is dreaming big for his own future too, hoping to getting an athletic scholarship for college and land a career in sports. Congrats to Nate for this great recognition!

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