Gird Up Your Garters! Granny Basketball Is Coming To Town

Gird up your garters!  Granny Basketball is coming to town.  Granny Basketball is a 1920’s style of six-on-six basketball, but the catch is the registration only allows women of a “certain age.”  If you are over 50, you are welcome to join a team.  The league slogan is “We are off our rockers.”

We are off our rockers.

Jones is hosting a tournament this Sunday, March 15th, at the Hayden Flowers Field House.  The first game starts at 11 am.  The competition includes three teams, the Oklahoma Rockers, the Oklahoma Twisters, and the Texas Rockettes.

The Oklahoma Rockers team.

We have several Jones residents who are on the Oklahoma Rockers team: Kim Tomes – Forward/Captain,  Debbie Ross – Guard, Tammy Wallace – Guard, and Ann Teeter – Center. The team boast women ranging from age 50-82.

The uniforms and rules follow the traditional 1920’s theme, requiring bloomers below the knee and classic collars displaying the player’s number. In case you are unfamiliar with the 1920’s rules, here is a quick rundown. 

  • Six-on-six game
  • Court is divided into thirds, with two guards, two centers, and two forwards, each staying in their respective zone on the court.
  • Only the forwards can score a point.
  • The game consists of 8-minute quarters with 2 minutes between each, and a 5 minute half-time.
  • The clock only stops for free-throws, time outs, or Granny Down.
  • Players may only dribble the ball two times and have 5 seconds to pass the ball.
  • Points: 1 – Free Throws, 2 – Regular Shot, 3- for Granny Shot (swinging ball under legs before tossing)

Admission to the tournament is free; however, donations and concessions will benefit the Jones Assembly of God youth group to help pay fees for summer camp.


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