Jones School District Provides Meals During Shut-Down

Outside of Jones High School this morning, a group of administrators and nutrition staff gathered (6-feet apart, of course), to help distribute meals to children in the community during the state-wide school shut-down. Around 60 sack meals were given out this morning, from 9 am -11 am outside of the Steven’s Chase Center. The breakfasts and lunches were pre-packaged into paper sacks and offered free of charge.

This service will be provided to any children under the age of 18 within the Jones Community. Suppliers and distribution chains for the school cafeteria are in good stock, so there are no planned disruptions to the preparation of these meals. Dr. Johnson, Jones Superintendent, stressed the importance of getting the meals to the children in the community. If you have a child under the age of 18 staying with you during this pandemic, that child qualifies for these meals, regardless of enrollment in the school district or family income.

Currently, Jones offers one pickup time each day, allowing for both breakfast and lunch to be acquired together. Dr. Johnson is staying in contact with other school districts to see how they are distributing meals to their children, to find the best option for feeding the children. Neighboring community, Harrah, is providing two drive-through pickup times, one for breakfast and one for lunch. Dr. Johnson is hoping they can make some adjustments to the menus and regulations to allow meal pickups to be more convenient for families. If possible, he would like to offer up to 5 meals at a time to be picked up, allowing families to have food for their children for the entire week. Any changes to the pickup schedule will be posted through the school’s regular communication platforms.

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