Goodbye Senior Year!

Written by Taylor Shaw, JHS Journalism Senior

So many seniors around the country, including myself, never thought our last year of high school would end this way.

There are many emotions that come to you when you get a text stating “The Board of Education recommends school to remain closed for the rest of the year.” We’ve been waiting to graduate since we first walked into our high schools, but we are now faced with the reality that we may not even walk across the stage to receive our diploma. This one event was something that we have worked 12 years to achieve. We didn’t realize that we took our senior year for granted. As we sit in our rooms, we look back thinking, we weren’t ready for any of this to happen.

To the parents of any senior, check on us. We probably won’t tell you, but we are stressed, sad, worried, and most of all lost. We never thought that we would spend our final moments of high school being quarantined in our homes, practicing social distancing for weeks on end. We thought we would spend our senior year with friends, walking down busy hallways and enjoying our final moments together. We looked forward to our year ending like watching the high school scoreboard countdown to graduation. We thought we would end this chapter of our lives by walking across the stage and being handed our diplomas as our families scream in excitement. 

To my fellow seniors, if we don’t go back and we don’t have our “last“ anything anymore, then we need to make the most out of all of this. We will get through this, and we will find the best of it. We will keep our heads up and continue to fight with loving words and never ending support. Don’t let this take away your wonderful memories that you made with your friends. Don’t let it discourage you as you try to figure out how to make sense of it all. We will see a significant chapter of our lives come to an end, sooner than we hoped or expected. I don’t plan on letting this chapter of my life end in a negative way. I hope you don’t either.


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