Farm Camp In Full Swing

Farm Camp is in full swing this summer at the 4C’s Ranch. Located on the East end of town, the picturesque farm is located up a windy path, tucked behind a cluster of trees on-top a hill. Mrs. Vicki Cook and her husband, Chris, founded 4C Ag Services over 20 years ago, providing a variety of local farm products and services, including baby chicks, free range eggs, farm fresh beef, garden/herb plants, welding repair, and educational workshops. Along with all the work that goes into running a farm, the most exciting part of the year comes when they open their gates to kids in the community. The 4C Ranch has been welcoming children to enjoy the simple pleasures of the farm life for the last four years, in their annual summer tradition of Farm Camp. The 5-day camp allows children of all ages to explore the wonderful aspects of agriculture, from tending animals to cultivating a garden.

The camp is run by local school teachers Vicki Cook and Lindsey Smith, with Mrs. Cook recently retiring from her 15-year teaching career. Even with a full-time switch to the farm, Mrs. Cook still maintains to her roots in the classroom. Seeing every experience on her farm as an opportunity to teach kids, she loves watching children learn and grow through their agricultural adventures. With over ten different kinds animals for the kids to interact with, there is always something fun happening. Some of the farm camp “chores” for the week include collecting fresh eggs, feeding the 75+ animals that live on the farm, making farm fresh meals like handpicked potatoes or homemade butter, and a fishing adventure day.

There are limited spots still available for the remaining summer sessions. You can get more information and sign up on their website. Be sure to follow them on Facebook too, as Mrs. Cook will be offering one-day classes that coincide with school breaks and teacher in-service days, giving parents and children a wonderful option when schools are closed. For more information, contact them at 405-990-7791.

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