Sweetcorn Sale at Ruzycki Farms

It’s that time of year when the sweetcorn harvest is hot to trot.  If you’ve been in Jones long, there is no doubt you’ve heard of the mouthwatering sweetcorn grown by a neighboring farm in McLoud.  This delicious summer staple is always in high demand.  On the first day of opening this year, the growers announced two-hour waits to enter their barn. 

Fortunately for the residents of Jones, we have husband and wife team Michael and Emily Ruzycki of Ruzycki Farms coming to our aid.  Brokering a deal with other local farmers, they’ve purchased a trailer full of the fresh cobs.  With over 200 bushels available for sale, there is plenty of corn to go around.  If you are interested in purchasing some of this golden and delicious corn, you can visit the Ruzycki’s at their home at 219 Boston Street in Jones.  The sweetcorn will be available for purchase this evening from 5 pm until dark.  They are priced:

  • $1/ear
  • $10/dozen
  • $25 /half bushel

Be sure to bring your own bag (paper is preferred).  The Ruzycki’s will have other fresh vegetables available for purchase grown right here in Jones.  If you miss this fantastic corn sale, you can always check out the weekly market at their farm. Follow them on Facebook for the latest sales to get your homegrown goodies.

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