Hallelujah! Hatch Chiles are Here

Michael and Emily Ruzycki are at it again, bringing amazing fresh produce to the people of Jones. The local entrepreneurs, of Ruzycki Farms, are selling delicious Hatch Chiles, fresh from New Mexico. Partnering with The Fresh Chile Company based out of Hatch, New Mexico, they have purchased 30 bags of the appetizing peppers that are available for sale.

If you missed them yesterday at their weekly farmer’s market, the peppers will still be available for purchase this week (while supplies last). You can purchase the peppers fresh or fire roasted, and may I suggest BOTH. They are priced at $6/lb for fresh peppers and $8/lb for roasted. Monday’s market will be from 6 pm – 9 pm at 219 Boston Street, Jones.

If you aren’t following these farmers on Facebook, you should. Their mouthwatering videos of farm fresh produce and their behind the scenes tours of the harvest will have you saying “Take my Money!” With no local grocery store in town, the Ruzycki’s are your best option for buying fresh veggies in Jones.

Be sure to check out their weekly farmer’s market too, open every Sunday from 2-6 pm. They have a magnificent selection of perfectly picked produce, with many varieties of vegetables that aren’t available at your regular grocery store. They also bring in other vendors selling fresh baked breads, hand-crafted beauty products, and more.

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