Jones School Board Approves Return to School Plan

At the rescheduled Jones School Board meeting on Monday evening, the board members approved the return to school plan. The only change made to the plan was a grade level requirement for masks, as opposed to the original age level requirement that was initially proposed. All students from 2nd grade and up will be required to wear a mask inside the school buildings.

After releasing the proposed plan last week, the school district sent out a parent survey to gauge interest in the virtual school verses the traditional classroom options. Based on the parent survey, there are approximately 12% of students who will participate in the virtual classroom, most of those coming from the elementary school. Parents are indicating that 88% of students will be in the traditional classroom setting. Student who elect the virtual school will not be eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities.

However, those who elect to come in-person may still go online, should the district have to close any classrooms or buildings due to COVID-19. These students will participate in the remote classroom. Teachers will be working diligently to train these students in using the remote classroom software, to make the transition easier should they have to learn from home.

The superintendent, Carl Johnson, did conclude the meeting stating that this plan is adopted in July, and may be subject to changes as we approach the school year. In case you missed the proposed plan, find it attached below.


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