2020 Green & White Scrimmage: The Familiar and the Unfamiliar

The 2020 Green & White Scrimmage featured plenty of familiar sights and sounds. The clash of the pads, the cry of the whistle, the applause of the fans and the persistent guidance of the coaches. However, the evening was also marked by unfamiliar circumstances. Absent were the kids in bounce houses, sugared up with snow cones. A sign near the entrance of Tim Wallace Memorial Stadium required masks to be worn and social distancing to be practiced. The Coaches and Trainers all wore masks and other face coverings. The family members and fans were notably distanced on the bleachers.

Photo credit: Destiny Thomas, JHS Roundup

Such is the life of football in 2020. Such is the life of everything in 2020.

Photo credit: Destiny Thomas, JHS Roundup

No one really knows what the season will hold. Everyone in and around the program will tell you that this pre-season has been the most unique in recent memory. That sentiment seems to be shared by others around the state as well.

Photo credit: Destiny Thomas, JHS Roundup

The Longhorns look to continue the momentum from last year, an undefeated district season and second round appearance in the 2A playoffs. While you can only gauge so much from a friendly scrimmage, Junior Quarterback Carson May delivered a number of sharp passes to his talented bevy of receivers. It appears the Longhorns are well-equipped to capitalize on the talent on both sides of the ball.

Photo credit: Destiny Thomas, JHS Roundup

The next chance to check out the Longhorns will be next Friday evening for a Scrimmage in Cushing.


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