Students Gather For Prayer

Students from Jones High School and Jones Middle School gathered around their flag poles on campus this morning, to set aside time for prayer at the annual See You At the Pole Rally. The high school rally was coordinated by the Jones Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a campus organization of approximately 20 students. Local churches stepped in to provided juice and donuts for the students as they convened on the front lawn of their school.

Students said the atmosphere at the school this year is really challenging with all of the social distancing and mask requirements. There is a lot more isolation and loneliness. This is a year more than ever where they need to pray for one another.

Tables were setup on the front lawn to provide an opportunity to share prayer requests, pray for others, and distribute bracelets with bible verses written on them. Student leaders met with their piers to encourage one another and point each other toward Christ. High School Senior and football player, Trey Durrell helped students share prayer requests, while fellow senior Abigail Stramski distributed bracelets.

In FCA, we are all about unifying and growing in our faith. This is a way to get everyone in our school to grow in that aspect.

Trey Durrell, Jones High School Senior

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