Jones PD Trains New Motorcycle Officer

The Jones Police Department is sending Eric Gregus, 8 year veteran of Jones Police Department, to a motorcycle training school. Last year, the department purchased three motorcycles to add to their fleet. They have since surplussed one of the bikes to another agency. The department currently has three officers trained to ride the two remaining motorcycles. Officer Gregus showed interest in being a motorcycle officer, so he is now participating in an intense two week training to get certified to ride a police motorcycle.

The training is held at First Southern Baptist Church in Midwest City and run by the Moore Police Department. Trainer Nathan Wells, from the Moore PD, said that their training course is a replica of the Tulsa PD training course, with hundreds of cones intricately laid out in various patterns. The training course is designed to teach the officers to manipulate the motorcycle in real-life scenarios. From the figure-8 to the box turn, the course weaves officers through troublesome turns and precarious patterns until the strenuous scenarios become second nature to the riders.

Officer Gregus has endured a grueling week of training and has passed his first ride test. He will complete his 80 total hours of training later this week and be tested to pass his certification. His final test on Friday will entail 9 problems and 154 seconds to complete the course. Good luck to Officer Gregus as he completes this course!

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