The Good, the Bad and the Expected

NOTE FROM THE EDITORS: This is the first article from Derrick Smith published in The Jones Journal. Derrick is a Jones graduate who loves sports. He has written many articles for other sports media outlets, and we are so glad he is joining our team covering Longhorn athletics.

Entering the year, Coach Martin’s Longhorns had high expectations. The Longhorns were ranked a top three team in 2A and expected to compete for the state title. This season has been in limbo every step of the way because of COVID-19. However, with a 5-1 start, the outlook on the season looks a little more upbeat with every passing week.

Jones has become a program synonymous with winning since Dave Martin has taken over as head coach. Keeping around Longhorn mainstays like Coach Quinn and Coach Dorrell, as well as bringing back former Longhorn players to coach like Coach Fox and Warehime (among others), have helped to keep the program on the winning track. While many programs continue to deal with turnover after any semblance of sustained success, Coach Martin and company have managed to retain a healthy core of the Jones family.

Although Jones has maintained success, this isn’t to say there haven’t been bumps in the road. Despite some less than stellar outcomes to a few seasons, the message has become clear. This program, like most others at the school now operates under very high expectations. They don’t shy away from that. Each player and coach knows they carry the weight of every Longhorn alumni with them on every snap.

I hope that during the time I am with The Jones Journal, I can adequately capture all that will occur within this successful program, as well as other sports endeavors within our community. All of the accomplishments attained by the young people in our community are an important piece of the story. The good, the bad, and the expected. Go Horns!

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