Longhorns Crush the Ponies 48-8

Written by Nate Veirs, JHS Freshmen

On Thursday night, the Jones Longhorns played away against the  Kellyville Ponies. The Longhorns had an incredible night after crushing the Ponies 48-8. Kellyville had been averaging 61 points a game, and previously had their lowest scoring game against Millwood. That game they lost 48-56. This puts the Ponies at (5-2) and the Longhorns (6-1).

Photo Credit: Zoe Tucker, JHS Sophomore

Jones had 410 total yards, and 18 first downs. Compared to the Ponies only having 174 yards. (Junior) Quarterback Carson May, had completed 13/18 passes, with 193 yards and 2 touchdowns! Carson May’s preferred receiver for the game was Elijah Reed, completing 7 catches with 118 yards, and averaging 17 yards per completion!

Photo Credit: Zoe Tucker, JHS Sophomore

The Longhorns defense played outstandingly well, only letting the Ponies have 174 yards with 8 points, and completing 10/22 passes. Kameron Sweat (Junior) safety had a 99 yard pick six after intercepting the ball at the 1 yard line, running all the way down the field, trampling, and hurdling over Kellyville players. This play put Jones at 39 points and the Ponies 0. The Ponies were struggling all game, but managed to put 8 points on the board in the 3rd Quarter.

Photo Credit: Zoe Tucker, JHS Sophomore

As for the Jones Offense, they did an amazing job. In the 1st quarter (Sophomore) Xavier Zachary ran 39 yards for a touchdown and scored the Longhorns first points. That set the tone for the Longhorns and showed Kellyville what they were made of. Xavier had his best game of the season after rushing for 107 yards, averaging 7.1 yards per run, and ended with 1 touchdown. Overall the Longhorns played their best game all season, and won their 4th district game. This puts the Longhorns (6-1). Jones will play the Millwood Falcons at home on Friday, October 23rd. 

Photo Credit: Zoe Tucker, JHS Sophomore

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