Bo(ston) Knows

In 1989 Bo Jackson introduced the world to the phrase “Bo Knows”. He was a star running back at Auburn and then in the NFL, while simultaneously playing in the MLB at a high level. Thus the well-known phrase “Bo knows” was born. Since then, it has been used in reference to athletes that excel on the football field as well as a baseball diamond. The Jones Longhorns have their own version of this wrapped up in slightly different packaging.

Meet Boston Berry. Boston has always worked to be the best. The best in the classroom, the best on the basketball court, and the best on the football field. Yes. You read that right. The football field. Since little league she was faster and stronger than most boys her age. Some teams would even request that the coaches didn’t tell everyone that she was a girl, so that their boys wouldn’t feel more embarrassed about being run over by a female running back. Boston never viewed it that way though, “I just wanted to play” said Berry. She beamed with joy when discussing the fact that football was her first love, and while this is an interesting part of her story, it’s definitely not the biggest part.

7th grade. That’s when Boston received her first scholarship offer to play college basketball from UCO. This was the moment she had to make a decision. As much as she loved football, she as well as her family and coaches knew that basketball was her future. “Football taught her so much” her mother Kat told me. Boston uses the physicality and footwork required of a running back on the field to her advantage as a point guard on the court. Boston loves to be referred to as a hard worker, talented, unselfish, among other things. Her favorite characteristic to be recognized though? Being a team player. “My teammates are everything. I’ve never cared about stats or any of that stuff. I just want to win and want my teammates to have success”. This is a mindset that has served her well and will lead her to success as she looks to take over for the Lady Longhorns this season.

My teammates are everything. I’ve never cared about stats or any of that stuff.

Berry has multiple college offers to play basketball at every level. She knows that her future is bright on an individual level, but her focus is on her current team. Boston knows the expectations that will be on their team this upcoming season after the amazing but also devastating ending that last season concluded with. The Lady Longhorns will be breaking in several new starters as well as key players, but it’s a challenge that I believe they are up for. With Boston in prime position to take a step forward, not only as a point guard, but as a leader as well. The Lady Longhorns as a team will be ready to show everyone, as Berry put it “just how great we are” and that is something that Boston definitely knows. 


One thought on “Bo(ston) Knows

  1. On ESPN film 30 for 30, watch the Bo Knows video. One of the best documentary made. Also watch “The Best that Never Was” about Marcus Dupree his story at OU and later,


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