Senator Jett Receives Committee Assignments

Senate members received their committee assignments for the 58th Legislature on Tuesday. Sen. Shane Jett will be serving on four committees including the Appropriations Subcommittee on Public Safety and Judiciary.

“I’m pleased with my committee assignments, and ready to share my experience and expertise in these areas as we work to strengthen our great state,” Jett said. 

 As a U.S. Navy Reserve veteran with 11 years of experience as an Intelligence Officer, Jett was also tapped to serve on the Senate Veterans and Military Affairs Committee.

 “Oklahoma has one of the largest active and retired veteran populations in the country,” Jett said. “We are proud of our military heritage and want to ensure these patriots receive the services and assistance they and their families need and deserve throughout their military careers and after.”

Jett, who served the last three years as a presidential appointee to the U.S. Treasury CDFI Fund Community Development Advisory Board for the Trump Administration, was tapped to sit on the Finance Committee. He brings nearly a decade of combined economic development finance and commercial banking experience to the committee. 

“When we work on the budget and other financial issues, it’s important that members have experience with a wide range of entities and their financial needs,” Jett said. “This session, we’re going to be faced with many tough financial issues as the struggling energy sector and the pandemic have had a negative financial impact on everyone from state agencies to businesses to Oklahoma families. By working together, we will find solutions to overcome these difficult challenges.”

Jett will also sit on the Senate Retirement and Insurance Committee.  

The Senate will convene for an Organizational Day on Tuesday, Jan. 5 and session will begin on Monday, Feb. 1.”


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