Today, January 12, 2021, community members have the chance to vote on the upcoming Bond Issue for Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center. The Bond Issue for will provide distance learning and Internet services for EOC Tech, Harrah, Jones, Luther and Choctaw-Nicoma Public Schools. The Bond Issue will continue funding for the local school districts by providing services WITHOUT A TAX INCREASE.

Approval of the Bond Issue will provide EOC Tech Center and each of the four public school districts with the ability to continue the delivery of distance learning classes to students for college credit, faster and expanded internet services to nearly 10,000 students in the five school districts, meets the current need for increased bandwidth for Internet based instructional
delivery, required on-line end of instruction testing, college entrance assessment, state licensure and industry certification testing, and web based learning programs.

Lastly, the bond will assist the five school districts’ teachers and staff in expanded technology-based curriculum delivery, increased professional development opportunities and improve student data reporting. Due to the decreasing cost in technology, EOC Tech Center’s new bond issue will amount to $730,000 for a period of five years, which is less than the bond of $760,000 currently in place.

It is anticipated that over the five-year period, the cost to individual taxpayers will be reduced annually due to growth in the EOC Tech Center District. As is currently the case, residents and taxpayers are paying less in 2020 than they were when the current bond issue was approved in 2016.
This is the fifth bond issue for EOC Tech in regard to distance learning/technology/internet connection provided for the technology center and surrounding public school systems.

Additional information can be found at http://www.eoctech.edu/bond2021.

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