Jones Limb & Debris Pickup

After the October ice storm of 2020, many Jones residents are still dealing with limb cleanup and debris removal. The damage from this storm was extensive. For the residents living within Jones City Limits, Oklahoma County will be handling the debris removal. According to Oklahoma County authorities, all limbs must be moved to the right-of-way no later than January 23rd.

Here are a few tips to ensure no complications with your debris pickup. When clearing your damaged limbs, be sure to cut branches into 12 foot sections or shorter. Look out for mailboxes, gas meters, utility poles, or any other obstructions, keeping debris at least 6 feet away. If it is closer than that, Oklahoma County may not pick up your pile. Also, be sure to only include vegetative debris. If any other trash materials are mixed with your debris, it will not be picked up.

For more details on Oklahoma County’s debris removal, read this letter sent to Jones residents earlier this month.

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