Varsity Boys Finish The Season With a 12-8 Winning Record!

Written by Nate Veirs, JHS Freshman

The Varsity Boys Basketball Team had a pretty good season this year. They are 12-8 and won the District and Regional Consolation. Unfortunately on Thursday, March 4th, the Longhorns lost to Kingston in the first Area Game. 

The starting five (5) for the season were Carson May, Elijah Reed, Tye Tucker, Ory Gaul, and Landon Loud. The five (5) starters made an outstanding unit, and they were bolstered by the emerging skills of the remaining role players. 

The boys finished the season with five (5) seniors: Elijah Reed, Isaac Foster (injured), Syler Berry, Tye Tucker, and Ory Gaul. They performed well throughout the year; unfortunately, Isaac Foster wasn’t able to play this year due to a torn ACL. Despite the injury, he helped the team out in any way he could. 

The Longhorns had a great season; here are some of the stats. The top three leading scorers were Carson May, Landon Loud, and Ory Gaul with 13.2, 12.1 and 10.3 points per game respectively. The Longhorns did not lack offensive firepower, having eight different players scoring double figures throughout the season.

The Longhorns played strongly throughout the season and battled their opponents fearlessly. They have shown us that they won’t go down without a fight, and we can’t wait to see them continue to develop and play next year. 


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