The Bus is On Its Way

Last year, in the most heartbreaking way, our Varsity Girls Basketball team found out that the State Tournament was cancelled as they were already on the bus making their way to the Big House. This moment was a marker for our community as the first of many things that COVID-19 took away. We lost our sense of normalcy that day as we all adapted to the new norms of quarantine, social distancing and face coverings.

We’ve made it a year through this global pandemic, and it seems this figurative quarantine ice is beginning to crack. With the new vaccine rollout, and over 600,000 Oklahomans vaccinated, we are starting to see the light at the end of this tunnel.

The news of the Varsity Girls team making it once again to the State Tournament is just another milestone that we are beginning to recover some piece of what we’ve lost. As those girls boarded the bus today, the emotions from this last year are somewhat overwhelming. We are so proud, and so relieved. Their trek today to the state fairgrounds is more than just a basketball game. It’s a collective sigh of relief as we celebrate not only their accomplishments, but a hopeful return to the life we left behind last year.

Here’s a link to tonight’s game.

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