Jones Board Approves Resolution – 1% Sales Tax Increase to Go Before Voters

The Jones Board of Trustees met for just under four hours Tuesday Night as they considered a string of proposals to address the Town’s crumbling water infrastructure.

The first major item was Resolution No. 2021-5-4B by The Jones Public Works Authority. The Resolution directs the Public Works Authority to file an Application with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) to seek financial assistance through the State Revolving Fund Loan Program or the State Loan Program. Needed improvements are estimated to be around $10,000,000. The Resolution passed unanimously.

Next the Board of Trustees considered Resolution No. 2021-5-4A, which authorizes and directs the Mayor of the Town to call a special election for July 13, 2021. The Special Election will ask voters to consider a 1% Sales Tax increase, with the proceeds of the increase dedicated to fund capital expenditures or debt service in connection with capital expenditures. Ordinance No. 5-4-21 was also considered Tuesday night. Both the Ordinance and Resolution passed unanimously.

The difference in a resolution and an ordinance is that a resolution is an intent of will, whereas an ordinance is codified into law.

The Voters of Jones will now be asked to decide if the 1% Sales Tax increase will be utilized to help address the Town’s needs. The Board of Trustees has assured that a Public Hearing will be held later on to give the public a chance to review the plans and ask questions.

If you want to hear the Board Meeting in it’s entirety, we have saved a link here.

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