Sinkhole Repairs

Last week, a major sinkhole appeared on Britton Road, between Midwest Boulevard and Post Road. This section of the road is closed, and will be so for the foreseeable future. Britton Road is a major thoroughfare for the people of Jones, as they drive to and from Oklahoma City. While the residents who live near this sinkhole reside within the Jones zip code and school district, the road is actually under the Oklahoma City jurisdiction.

Oklahoma City crews are working diligently to determine the cause of the sinkhole. Multiple departments are making a coordinated effort to ensure the roadway is repaired properly. The Utilities Department is checking for any line damage, which would have to be repaired before the Public Works Department can replace the roadway.  

OKC officials have ensured me they will keep us apprised of the repairs, and they ask that our residents continue to report potholes and other road damage to them. The best way to report issues with OKC roads is to send in a ticket to the City’s Action Center. You can visit their website, call to report a concern (405-297-3334), or download the OKC Connect app.

I highly encourage all Jones residents save this number in your phone to report all damaged roadways in OKC. We desperately need several OKC roadways repaired in our area, namely resurfacing on Britton Road east of Post as you enter into Jones City limits. However, OKC utilizes certain criteria for selection of roadways that will receive resurfacing. They take into account pavement condition index (PCI), daily traffic counts and annual maintenance costs. This assists them in managing the over 3,500 miles of roads within the 4th largest city in the nation by land mass. Our diligence in reporting these issues will help City leaders make better decisions for road repairs in our area.


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