Board of Trustees Vote on Resolutions and Mayor, State Senator Pays A Visit

The newly sworn-in Board of Trustees began their terms with a major vote. At the May 4 meeting, the Board voted on Resolution No. 2021-5-4A which reads:

“A resolution authorizing the calling and holding of a special election in the town of Jones City, Oklahoma, on Tuesday, July 13, 2021, for the purpose of submitting to the registered qualified electors of said town the question of relating to a one percent (1.00%) excise tax (sales tax), in addition to all present town, county, and state excise taxes, with the proceeds of said tax to be used to fund fully set out in Ordinance No. 5-4-21 of said town; and containing other provisions related thereto.”

In unison, the Board passed this Resolution. Presenters at the meeting explained that this proposed tax increase will aid in paying for a multi-million dollar effort to repair or replace water and wastewater systems. The proposition that will be presented to voters on July 13 reads:

“Shall the Town of Jones City, Oklahoma be authorized to levy and assess a Town excise tax (sales tax) of one precent (1.00%) in addition to all other Town, County, and State excise taxes presently being levied or assessed, upon the gross proceeds or gross receipts derived from all sales taxable under the Oklahoma Sales Tax Code; providing that the proceeds of such tax shall be used to fund capital expenditures, all for the use and benefit of the Town and any public trust having the Town as beneficiary thereof, and/or for the payment of debt service in connection with obligations heretofore issued or to be issued by the Town and any public trust having the Town as beneficiary thereof to finance or refinance said capital expenditures and related costs; provided that said excise tax shall be levied beginning October 1, 2021, all as more specifically set out in Ordinance No. 5-4-21 of the Town?”

A Public Hearing on this proposition will be held on Tuesday, May 11th, at 6 pm, enabling citizens to examine and question the tax prior to the election.

To read more regarding the Sales Tax Election, click this article HERE

Later in the meeting, Mayor Ray Poland introduced Oklahoma State Senator Brenda Stanley.

Senator Stanley will be representing Jones if the State Senate redistricting efforts are approved, leaving Jones split between Senate districts 42 (Brenda Stanley) and 48 (George Young). The Senator introduced herself to citizens, explaining her political stances and the excitement she feels towards representing Jones. Working for Westfall Elementary School, Rose State College, and the University of Central Oklahoma, Senator Stanley has a long résumé in education. On the Capital, she serves on the Education, Retirement and Insurance, and Veterans/Military Affairs committees. She was elected to office in 2018 on the Republican Ticket.

The meeting brought the news that the Jones Fourth of July celebration of a fireworks display will return to town this year. Unanimously passing a budget of $8,000, the Board ushered in a sense of normality for the summer of 2021.

The last piece of business discussed at the meeting was the Trustee vote on the election of Mayor and Vice-Mayor. Remaining in his spot, Ray Poland will once again be referred to as “Mayor Ray”. For the position of Vice-Mayor, Missy Wilson Wilkinson will remain in this position. Both were elected unanimously.

To listen to the entire meeting and it’s full agenda, click HERE.


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