Complete Audio from Public Forum

Here is the audio from the public forum on May 11, 2021. I have noted several time frames below that were referenced in the article yesterday.

1:45 Sarah Boggs Speaking

1:54:58 Brett Ramsey’s Question regarding a blended approach to financing.

1:56:33 Missy Wilkinson states that rates will go up.

1:57:00  Mayor Poland clarifies the wording of the proposal, namely the term “Capital Expenditures”, specifying projects he wants to complete such as police vehicles, fire department equipment, flood abatement, etc.

1:59:40 Missy Wilkinson states to the Mayor, ”No offense, but that is why we are in this position.”

2:01:00  Brett Ramsey states he wasn’t expecting the response. “I wasn’t expecting you guys to suggest that if we get a chance to capture it now, then we can spread it over a broader group of projects that we all know the City needs….I don’t understand why it wasn’t apart of the original unveil…It makes it a different conversation for all of us.”

2:02:00 Missy Wilkinson explains why she didn’t just ask for a “bunch of stuff.”

2:03:00 Mayor Poland states, “The initial ask last week was calculated in the way that it was done…”

2:04:49 Gayle Hoag states, “I would like it to stay with the water problem.”

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