2021-2022 Budget Passed by Board of Trustees, Auditor and County Assessor Presents

The four present Trustees unanimously passed the outline for the upcoming fiscal year at their monthly meeting on Tuesday, June 1st.

Two budgets were passed, one designed for the Public Works Authority (PWA) and one for the city. Within the meeting was a public hearing for these budgets, though no comment was given from citizens. To view copies of the budget, click here for the City and here for the PWA.

An independent audit for the 2019-2020 year was presented to the Board by auditor Becky Fleming. She explained a few slight issues within the audit (see pages 21-24), including misfiling and a problem with the Police Department’s ticket system, OTRS. Because the Board was voting on the Budget that night, she reminded them that the Trustees could amend the budget as many times as needed and that the budget passed is just a plan, not an absolute. It should be noted that if Fleming finds something alarming, she will report that to either the Town Clerk, the Town’s accountant, or the Mayor. If nothing is done, she will then report it to Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector.

Oklahoma County Assessor Larry Stein was in attendance Tuesday to present statistics. Assessor Stein provided the Trustees with his most recent report, which included the valuations of real estate, the number of million-dollar homes, as well as a breakdown of where every tax dollar goes in Oklahoma County.

Other business included a citizen bringing attention to a drainage issue on Hart Lane, where water is flowing from the northwest to the southeast and causing issues for property owners. This business was for information only, so no action was taken on this issue.

The Board also voted to begin paying volunteer firefighters per call, $5 for a medical call and $10 for fire, pending lawyer approval. This decision was made unanimously between the four Trustees in attendance.

To view the minutes and agendas for both the Board of Trustees meeting and the PWA meeting, click here. Meetings are open to the public and held on the first Tuesday of every month.


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