Jones Sales Tax Passes

On Tuesday, July 13th, the voters of Jones passed a 1 cent sales tax increase for the purpose of funding water and wastewater infrastructure needs for the the town. The proposition passed with a 62.6% margin, with 154 yes votes and 92 no votes. The tax will go into effect on October 1, 2021; however, actual revenues will not show up in the monthly sales tax report until December 2021. The language for the approved resolution is listed below:

Shall the Town of Jones City, Oklahoma be authorized to levy and assess a Town excise tax (sales tax) of one percent (1.00%), in addition to all other Town, County, and State excise taxes presently being levied or assessed, upon the gross proceeds or gross receipts derived from all sales taxable under the Oklahoma Sales Tax Code; providing that the proceeds of such tax shall be used to fund capital expenditures, all for the use and benefit of the Town and any public trust having the Town as beneficiary thereof, and/or for the payment of debt service in connection with obligations heretofore issued or to be issued by the Town and any public trust having the Town as beneficiary thereof to finance or refinance said capital expenditures and related costs; provided that said excise tax shall be levied beginning October 1, 2021, all as more specifically set out in Ordinance No. 5-4-21 of the Town?

Approved Sales Tax Resolution

The town of Jones will now have one of the highest municipal sales tax rates in the State of Oklahoma, at 5.0%. Only two other towns in Oklahoma, Webbers Falls (5.5%) and Glenpool (5.10%), have higher municipal sales tax rates.

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