Jones vs. Lincoln Christian Round Table

We have a new segment this year called the Round Table. We welcome in Derrick Smith (@OkStRevolution), a long-time Jones Journal contributor and writer for Prep Redzone Oklahoma. He’s also a graduate of Jones High School.

What are your impressions of the new Stadium?

Matt: Pretty incredible.  The new facilities are top-notch.  Even though Coach Martin and the team didn’t get the result they wanted during Week Zero, this will be a great experience for Jones players and fans for years to come.    The field looks amazing with the “Oklahoma Longhorn” at midfield, and as soon as it started getting dark and the lights came on it was a sight to behold.   The School Board, Administration and the Project Team did a great job.  The whole community should be proud.

Derrick: I agree completely. I thought it was better than I even thought it would be when I saw the original plans. The way everything came together to give the school and town a facility that matches their program and all the success that coach Martin as well as other coaches have had at Jones. It’s easily in my opinion on par or better than any other public school in the area, especially one that’s our size.

Who was the player of the game on Friday night?

Derrick: For me it has to be Carson. I felt like before the season that the team would go as Carson does, and I think that was really evident against Bethany. I’m excited to see if he can shoulder even more of a load this week to really push himself that much more.

Matt: I’m going to go with Cayden Karl. He was that reliable target that May needed. In the 3rd/4th down situations you can expect that #2 will find a way to get open. With his speed and size, he is a mismatch for a lot of the teams on the schedule. It will be interesting to see how he matches up against a talented Lincoln Christian secondary.

Thoughts on the Lincoln Christian Game?

Matt: The competition doesn’t get any easier this Friday as the Longhorns take on Lincoln Christian.   The Bulldogs have been to two-straight 3A championship games.  Winning it all in 2019 and runner-up last year.  They’ll have the talent to make it to three straight title games.  Leading the way is Max Brown, a Central Michigan commit.  I’m looking forward to the Carson May vs. Max Brown matchup.  Is there another game in the State that features two Division I Quarterbacks?

Derrick: I can’t think of one right off hand. Again, definitely not one at this level. The talent behind center this week for both squads will be pretty incredible and honestly I’m not sure that it won’t be the first time in school history where a game was played AT Jones especially that featured two Div 1 signal callers like this one will.

At the end of the season, will be look back and say that Lincoln Christian is the most talented team that Jones faced this year?

Derrick: I think that’s probably a safe bet. LC will have the talent to make a deep run in several classifications so I know I’ve hammered this point home, but I really think a school like LC will have a deep run a be a great test.

Matt: 100%. Even if the Horns make it all the way to the State Title game they may not face a team that has this much talent top to bottom. It reminds me of the Guthrie game last year, it is a great barometer, but instead of facing them right before playoffs, they face them in the second game of the season.

Who needs to have a big game for the Longhorns this week?

Matt:  I’m going to say the Longhorn run-defense.  The Bulldogs rushed for 245 yards on 37 carries last year, Including 132 yards from Brown.  The back-breaker was a 61-yard score in the 4th Quarter by Brown that really sealed the deal.  If the Longhorns are going to be successful, it will take a team effort by the defense.

Derrick: I’m going to say the big men on both sides of the ball. The QBs on both teams are the big catalyst for this game so I think protecting Carson for us and then keeping Brown contained while also getting pressure on him will be HUGE if the Longhorns will have a shot at pulling the upset tonight.



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