All Access Photo Pass – Football 2021

We take THOUSANDS of photos every year, but only a handful of our favorites will actually end up in The Jones Journal articles. By purchasing an All Access Photo Pass, you will have exclusive rights to download and print some of our top pics of the season.

We love sharing our photos with parents, but we also want to take more. Your support through purchasing an All Access Pass gives us a direct funding source to take more pictures. We can send more photographers to more events, giving you more photos to love.

Also, members of our exclusive All Access Pass can add their favorite player on the Player Watch List. This list is given to our photographers to snap a few extra shots of the player you love.

To order your pass, fill out this form, and send your payment to The Jones Journal. Be sure to include your email address, as the photos will be shared via our Google Drive account. We accept cash, check, or Venmo payments @TheJonesJournal.


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