Millwood Roundtable

The Jones Longhorns are back at it again this week as they take on the Millwood Falcons in a game that has huge implications on the 2A-2 District Race.   We’re joined as always by Derrick Smith from Prep RedZone Oklahoma.

The Longhorns bounced back with a 62-19 win over Kellyville.  What does a win like that do for the team?

Matt:  It’s always a big deal when you can come in with a clean performance after a loss.  Coach Martin wants this team to be resilient, and that starts with being able to learn from the past, and press forward in the future.  

Derrick: Absolutely. We talked about Coach Martin wanting the team to be hitting its stride in the home stretch going into the playoffs, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. The Longhorns have had a nice mix of games. They’ve seen adversity as well as playing games that they win going away and help build confidence. That kind of schedule can set up nicely for an experienced and battle tested playoff run.

Big game against Millwood this week.  The Falcons are led by Rickey Hunt Jr.  You’ve seen Hunt play this year.  What are your thoughts on the superstar running back? 

Derrick: I think you just said it. The kid is a superstar. The Longhorn defense needs to be ready for the toughest individual talent this season. Football is the ultimate team game, but Hunt Jr is the type of player that can take over a game. Luckily the Longhorns have a guy like that too.

Matt: No doubt. Longhorn fans will remember the performance that Hunt had last year, including a 78-yard rush that really opened the game up for the Falcons. In a game like this, both squads will look to their weapons to make a play.

The Falcons gave the Longhorns their only loss in district  play last year, what kind of impact does that have on the team? 

Matt:  The Longhorns might be able to muster a little extra motivation remembering the game from last year, but at this point in the season, all of the Horns goals are still in front of them. All Jones can do is play the games on the schedule.

Derrick: I agree. Ultimately it comes down to the old Coach speak phrase of “control what you can control.” The Longhorns have made some personnel changes as well as seeming to have a more competitive and tough minded approach to their matchups.

The Oklahoman has this game as the #10 game in the State of Oklahoma this week, what are your thoughts on the game? 

Derrick: This game might be #10 in the state, but it will be #1 on the Longhorns mind. I feel like the Longhorns will use this for a statement game. I’m counting on Carson to come out and put on a show for Longhorn fans and give them a marquee win on the season thus far.

Matt: On paper, this should be an easy victory for the Longhorns, but you can never sleep on Coach Franklin and the Falcons. This is a very young Millwood team that is looking to build some confidence.  In the end, I think the Longhorns pull away


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