Jones Vs. Meeker Roundtable

The Jones Longhorns take on the Meeker Bulldogs this Friday for a game with huge district implications. 

Thoughts on the Prague game? 

Matt:  Wow!  That was a crazy game.  Props to Prague for their great game plan and energy.  I loved seeing Clayton Creasey and the run game continue to grow.  This game showed the depth in a few ways.  One, making up for all the players that were out with injury.  Two, as the Red Devil D focused on Cadyn Karl, Emmett Murphy was able to have a career game.  Of course, Carson May was able to take advantage of that matchup. 

Derrick: Absolutely. You said it. Wow. That game had everything you want. Running, passing, big hits, scoring, Defensive plays, everything. It was great to see Emmett have a big game. He’s been really reliable and been a great #2 option for May next to Karl. The defense gave up a lot of points but ultimately did enough to come out with a victory which is all you can ask for.

The Horns had an emotionally taxing game last week, beating Prague 49-42, do you think this sets up Jones in a trap game?

Matt:  No, I don’t think so, not at this point in the year.  It is not secret that injuries have impacted this team.  However, the Longhorns put together a gutsy performance last week, and while they may need some help, all of their goals are still in front of them. 

Derrick: I agree. I don’t think this late in the season you should have “trap” games. If you can’t see everything you have ahead of you, especially for a team like the Longhorns then that’s the ultimate trap. One thing that did bother me a little is that Carson took a late hit on the sideline of the Longhorns. The late hit isn’t what stood out though, the fact that nobody jumped to take care of that did. They need some leaders and upperclassmen on this team to be the enforcer if you will and give the team that guidance that a team needs to move deep into the playoffs.

There is a three-way tie for first place between Jones, Chandler and Crossings.  All three are in action this week as Crossings travels to Millwood and Chandler is at Prague.  Who’s got the toughest test this week?   

Derrick: I think Crossings will have a tough time with the athleticism of Millwood. Jones was able to handle Millwood because they’re one of the few teams that can come close to matching the athleticism of the Falcons while also having the coaching to handle them as well. 

Matt:  I’d say Chandler has the toughest test this week.  As Jones learned, Prauge can be very dangerous with their Wing T offense. I would say Crossings has the next toughest contest, while I think that Crossings will beat Millwood, the Falcons have enough skill to make the game interesting. 

Prediction for the game: 

Matt:  Longhorns win 47-16.  Longhorns continue to develop the ground game and Carson May throws for two TDs and rushes for another.

Derrick: I like that score a lot. I’m gonna say Jones jumps out to a quick 28 point+ lead by halftime. Then May and Co have another short night with a 52-15 finish.

Where do you predict Jones finishes the district race? 

Matt:  I think all three top teams win Friday night, which likely puts the Longhorns in third place.   Which will mean a road game to start the playoffs. 

Derrick: I think Jones gets some help and at least finishes 2nd with a very good shot at finishing on top of the district. One extra development that you touched on that I’m eager to continue watching is Clayton Creasey. He’s bought in and doing whatever is needed to help the team succeed. It’s not often you see a young man with such a assured future at QB willing to come in at a position as physical as RB and not only maintain, but thrive. His willingness and success their I don’t believe is a coincidence that his emergence at RB has also helped produce some of the best offensive team outputs thus far. His continued success could be another surprising key to a deep playoff run.

Matt: Excellent point on Clayton! Coach Martin emphasized he has a burning desire to get on the field and help his team, that kind of attitude and teamwork can help this team as they go for that deep run.


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