Life, Lubbock and a Legacy in Jones: Derrick Smith Interviews Dave Martin

Derrick Smith got an opportunity to chat with former Jones Athletic Director and Football Coach Dave Martin about life, Lubbock and the legacy he left in Jones.

Derrick: First off, on behalf of myself and everyone in the Jones school system, town, student body, and all your former players I wanted to say thank you. Words cant summarize how lucky and grateful we all are to you. You made a promise to come back and accomplish a lofty list of expectations not only in the football program but the entire school. I think it’s safe to say you far exceeded even your high standards. 

Coach Martin: I was very fortunate to work with a great staff and administration, those are 2 major factors in creating a successful culture. Next was our student athletes, our
kids at Jones developed a work ethic that could not be measured. Jones will always be my hometown and there was no other place that I wanted to go and impact. We
set our sights and worked tirelessly to exceed

Derrick: So now how are things going in Lubbock? I’m sure it was a whirlwind in the beginning with how quickly everything transpired?

Coach Martin: Lubbock is great! I’ve told many that it’s a larger Jones, OK… Hard work is in the fabric out here and our players are responding to what new standards and expectations look like! For me it’s been an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and take on a new challenge.

Derrick: Not only will you go down as the best coach/AD in Jones history, but beyond that the impact and influence you had on so many young men as an idol and even a father figure. You’ve molded young men that have went on to do great things whether it’s in the medical field, the military, college athletics, and the list goes on and on. What does it mean to you to be viewed in that light and see your students/players go on to do those things?

Coach Martin: Watching former players grow into adulthood, begin their careers, and have a family is the greatest thing about coaching. Really and truly, all of the championships are great but there is nothing like seeing your former players achieve their goals and have success.

Derrick: I could go all day giving you the praise and gratitude you have earned but I’ll leave this one open to you. Just talk a little bit about your time back home and what everything meant to you.

Coach Martin: Coming back home was very special to me. Getting to do what you love where you want to do it is incredible!

Derrick: Lastly, again I wanted to thank you for everything including taking time out to do this. You established a culture and a way of life that sprouted great fathers, coaches, and overall productive members of society. So thank you again for everything Coach. We all love you and wish you nothing but the best.

Coach Martin: I am very thankful for the opportunities I had to impact kids from Jones. The thing I want every kid that walks the halls of Jones Public Schools to understand is “work hard to make your dreams come true”!!

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I wanted to end this by saying the entire Jones community owes Coach Martin a depth of gratitude that could never be repaid. Coach Marin amassed a winning record and culture that will last for generations. He will continued to have success and help the Red Raiders become a powerhouse in college football. Congratulations to Coach Martin and we wish him nothing but the best!

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