A Letter from Our Founder

Sarah Boggs

Dear Friends,

The Jones Journal has been on my heart for the last 13 years. Since my early days after college, doing rural economic development all across the state, and my recent years of public service working for the City of Oklahoma City, my heart has always longed to go back to my hometown. One of the biggest needs I saw then, and still see today, is for a good source of local news to help a community thrive. While print newspapers are fading fast, a blog seems to be the perfect fit to highlight all the things we love about our community.

My heart is so wrapped around the people and places of this town because they hold the memories to my greatest treasure of all.  You see, it was this community and the people in this town that introduced me to my greatest love of all, Jesus. I grew up in a loving family, that prided perfection and achievement above everything else. The pressure to achieve drove everything I did and composed my entire identity. However, pursuing a false idea of perfection left me feeling empty and meaningless, and deep in my soul, I knew my good deeds and accomplishments would never be enough.

When I was 13 years old, through the invitation of classmates, I attended a church service, where I learned that I no longer had to fake it or earn approval. I could let down my guard, admit that I was broken and fallen, and confess that I could not achieve perfection on my own. The problem in this admission is that it also came with the recognition that my imperfections (also known as sin) separated me from this amazing God who made me. However, God, who loved (and still loves) me more than I could ever imagine, did not want to leave me in this broken state. He sent his Son, to pay the price for my mistakes, and He allowed me to be adopted into his family.  Praise God for this amazing truth and for the people who were faithful to share it with me!  I hope and pray that you have also understood this good news and received the free gift of grace and forgiveness that Jesus offers to us.  

What a privilege it has been to capture the stories of our community, and I always hope you enjoy reading our articles and connecting with the people who make this town great.  Most of all, I hope you recognize your Creator and know Him personally through a relationship with His son, Jesus.


Sarah Boggs

Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.

Romans 10:13