Jones Sales Tax Passes

On Tuesday, July 13th, the voters of Jones passed a 1 cent sales tax increase for the purpose of funding water and wastewater infrastructure needs for the the town. The proposition passed with a 62.6% margin, with 154 yes votes and 92 no votes. The tax will go into effect on October 1, 2021; however, … Continue reading Jones Sales Tax Passes

Editorial: Financial Stewardship First

On Tuesday, July 13th, the residents of Jones, OK will go to the polls to decide on the proposed 1 cent sales tax increase. On May 4th, after a close and heated April election, the very first vote from the brand new Board of Trustees was calling a special election for an increase in taxation. … Continue reading Editorial: Financial Stewardship First

2021-2022 Budget Passed by Board of Trustees, Auditor and County Assessor Presents

The four present Trustees unanimously passed the outline for the upcoming fiscal year at their monthly meeting on Tuesday, June 1st. Two budgets were passed, one designed for the Public Works Authority (PWA) and one for the city. Within the meeting was a public hearing for these budgets, though no comment was given from citizens. … Continue reading 2021-2022 Budget Passed by Board of Trustees, Auditor and County Assessor Presents

Sinkhole Update: Final Pour Today

In the midst of heavy rainfall this week, OKC Crews have continued their work repairing the sinkhole on Britton Road. The final stage of concrete pouring happened on Tuesday afternoon. Weather permitting, OKC officials are anticipating that the road will be ready to reopen by Friday, May 21st. In other news, OKC crews have also … Continue reading Sinkhole Update: Final Pour Today

Complete Audio from Public Forum

Here is the audio from the public forum on May 11, 2021. I have noted several time frames below that were referenced in the article yesterday. 1:45 Sarah Boggs Speaking 1:54:58 Brett Ramsey’s Question regarding a blended approach to financing. 1:56:33 Missy Wilkinson states that rates will go up. 1:57:00  Mayor Poland clarifies the wording … Continue reading Complete Audio from Public Forum

Sinkhole Update: Estimated Time for Reopening

The work continues for the infamous sinkhole on Britton Road. OKC Crews are working on repairs today. Tomorrow, workers will begin the backfill and compaction process. Concrete will be poured by the end of the week, and they will need additional time for the substance to cure. Weather permitting, the City anticipates reopening the road … Continue reading Sinkhole Update: Estimated Time for Reopening

Editorial: Town Plans to Spend Sales Tax Increase Beyond Water/Wastewater Repairs

The Jones City Hall was packed on Tuesday evening as over 40 residents, business owners, and community stakeholders gathered at the public forum to discuss the upcoming sales election. The point was driven home that our community NEEDS significant funding to make water and wastewater improvements. The biggest debate was how to accomplish this. After … Continue reading Editorial: Town Plans to Spend Sales Tax Increase Beyond Water/Wastewater Repairs

Sink Hole Update: Cause Determined

Oklahoma City Crews worked diligently over the weekend to uncover the cause of the mysterious sinkhole on Britton Road. Workers excavated the sinkhole Saturday morning, only to discover that a sanitary sewer main was broken. This was determined to be the cause of the road damage. The OKC Public Works Department will be working alongside … Continue reading Sink Hole Update: Cause Determined

Editorial: Nobody Likes Taxes. Do They?

I do not know that I have ever met anyone in my life that enjoys paying taxes. I know I do not! But I also know that if I did not pay taxes, many of the services we tend to take for granted would not exist. Such as police protection, fire protection, sidewalks, roads, welfare, … Continue reading Editorial: Nobody Likes Taxes. Do They?