Community Supporters

Local news doesn’t happen on its own. There is so much that happens behind the scenes to keep you informed, and all of these things cost time and money. Expenses range from payment for our student contributors, equipment costs, and website fees, and these are just a few of the expenses we have to keep The Jones Journal going. This doesn’t even begin to quantify the hours we spend at community events capturing photos and the additional time spent editing and sharing them to our site. Your monthly contributions help us keep things running, so we can focus on writing more stories instead of worrying about finances.

Monthly Supporters

Our monthly support levels are split into three categories, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Even a small contribution of $10 a month can have a big impact on our budget. The steadiness of your donation allows us to manage our finances with more predictability, and in turn gives you a more reliable news source. Here are some things your gift to The Jones Journal will help provide.

  • Bronze ($10) – This amount will pay for one monthly article written by a Jones High School journalism student. We want to encourage young writers to publish as many articles as possible to our website to build an outstanding portfolio before entering college.
  • Silver ($25) – This monthly donation will cover our annual fees to keep The Jones Journal website running. From domain fees to website platforms, there are a lot of behind the scene costs to running a website.
  • Gold ($50) – This monthly donation will help offset our expenses to create our sports articles. This includes travel for our staff, photographer fees, and payment to our author.

One Time Contribution

We understand that a monthly contribution is not a good option for all of our readers, but one time donations are extremely important as well. These donations allow us to upgrade our equipment or provide fun backdrops for our community photobooths. Any amount you are able to give will help our stories to keep rolling.

Whether you are able to give financially or just send us an encouraging note, we are grateful for all of the support the Jones Community has given to us! Blessings!