Sinkhole Update: Final Pour Today

In the midst of heavy rainfall this week, OKC Crews have continued their work repairing the sinkhole on Britton Road. The final stage of concrete pouring happened on Tuesday afternoon. Weather permitting, OKC officials are anticipating that the road will be ready to reopen by Friday, May 21st. In other news, OKC crews have also … Continue reading Sinkhole Update: Final Pour Today


Sinkhole Update: Estimated Time for Reopening

The work continues for the infamous sinkhole on Britton Road. OKC Crews are working on repairs today. Tomorrow, workers will begin the backfill and compaction process. Concrete will be poured by the end of the week, and they will need additional time for the substance to cure. Weather permitting, the City anticipates reopening the road … Continue reading Sinkhole Update: Estimated Time for Reopening

Sink Hole Update: Cause Determined

Oklahoma City Crews worked diligently over the weekend to uncover the cause of the mysterious sinkhole on Britton Road. Workers excavated the sinkhole Saturday morning, only to discover that a sanitary sewer main was broken. This was determined to be the cause of the road damage. The OKC Public Works Department will be working alongside … Continue reading Sink Hole Update: Cause Determined

Sinkhole Repairs

Last week, a major sinkhole appeared on Britton Road, between Midwest Boulevard and Post Road. This section of the road is closed, and will be so for the foreseeable future. Britton Road is a major thoroughfare for the people of Jones, as they drive to and from Oklahoma City. While the residents who live near … Continue reading Sinkhole Repairs